Sunday, October 11, 2009

Overtime Under Heaven

It's been a little while since I've posted, so here's whats been going on. Sashial, Lira, Marley and I have been working some real overtime lately. I don't know what it is, I think maybe it's the time of year. Summer is ending, the temperature is cooling and the daylight is getting shorter. Since autumn is my favorite time of year, this was always uplifting for me, but lots of people find the darkness and chill depressing. It's probably the same across the country, I can't even tell, I haven't seen Tony or Suzanne for a couple of weeks and Roy and Patty I don't even know about. All this disparity can be pretty grueling. Thank god for the heaven restaurants. The four of us have been getting together for late dinners, so much so that we've been branching out from the Upper East Side diner we usually go to, even though Lira loves the vanilla martinis there. Even though we don't get intoxicated, she says the mix of the sharp bit of the alcohol and the sweet vanilla appeals to her. My theory is the taste describes Lira herself, though I doubt she'd admit that. Sashial just says give her a beer at the stadium any day, I guess the drink of choice for fans who shout from the cheap seats is what speaks to her.

There was one person in particular who was pushing my limits. SO negative. Faced the slightest shred of adversity with such a sense of horror, like the slightest thing was so tragic. Trying to constantly put a positive spin on someone who brings you down at EVERY turn is really draining. I'm starting to wonder if I can help this person. Are there people you just can't reach? It hasn't happened to me so far, but you never know. Until then, I just didn't think it was possible, now I'm not so sure. Sounds like this person is pushing me to despair. Not good for an angel, but at least I have my support system. Marley reminded me, "Don't forget you're still human. Maybe not in body or spirit, but in mind. It's inspiration, not magic. But you have an underlying belief that you can help anyone. I can tell. Just remember that."

I do forget sometimes. The reminder always helps.

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