Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hope Springs Internal

Loss can be an unusual thing. Can you feel loss for something you never had? Say you were really hoping for a new job, and you were dying to work at, I don't know, say, Google. And you applied, but didn't get the job there. Then one day, you hear Google is closing its local office and shifting its entire work force to California. You'd feel pretty bummed, right? Why? You never worked there. What are you losing?

What you're losing is hope. As long as they were there, you always had a hope that things would change, that a situation would arrive where you'd get your chance. You know, when I was alive, and very unhappy, I used to say that I was a lot happier when I deluded myself into believing I could get what I want. That ended when I finally met Shannon, but we all know how that worked out. But hope is a very positive emotion and your positive outlook is just as much a thing to grieve for as anything else.

As an angel I try to explain this to people all the time, sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. But at the very least, if it can't alleviate sadness it can help with the anger and resentment that can come with it. I should know, that's all I used to feel. Wish someone he told me that back in the day.

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