Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why Do They Test Me?

I tried to assist someone today, and not only did he show resistance, he made things more difficult by lying to me about what his problems actually were. You know, sometimes I think I'll never understand, these people just don't get that I'm trying to help them. Lira once told me that humans will do anything they can to hold themselves back. I thought she was just doing her usual tough love motivation, but then again, I wasn't an angel back then. Now that I've logged in some angel time, I can see how right she was. This guy had grown children he said he couldn't connect with because they weren't around. I wasn't sure what to do; after all, you can't really bring people together when they're never in the same place. Marley's a little better with family issues than I am, so I brought her with me when I went back to see him. When she read what he was feeling, she pulled me aside and said, "He's not malicious, but he's not telling the truth." When I reminded him what he said, he goes, "Oh. I was kidding."

You know, when you're kidding about something, fucking say that, eventually. That's what makes it a joke and not a fucking lie that makes me look like a total fucking idiot. I was ready to just abandon him, but Marley said to not give up on him. Thank God she's around to keep me grounded. Can you say "keep me grounded" in Heaven? Maybe it should be "keep me clouded," but that's sort of the opposite of what I'm saying.

Anyway, I've said before that humans aren't worth helping, then admitted I was wrong. So I'm still gonna try and help this guy. Just hope it's worth it.

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